Saturday, July 25, 2009

Crock Pot Meatloaf, Potatoes, Banana Bread, & Grits!

We'll see! I've put the potatoes on the bottom of my 7-qt crock, with a 2# meatloaf on top in corningware, and banana bread baking in the 5-qt beside it. On the front porch, to avoid the heat. Feeling pretty dubious about the results!! I've never tried stacking OR bread-making in a crock. Maybe i should've used the lid on the corningware and put the potatoes on top of that?? why didn't i think of the lid??!!!

We made grits for lunch. DH & DS can't stand 'em, so i made a big batch! LOL It's just DS and I tonight, so we enjoyed stirring our own choices of cheese into them. The leftovers got a hefty dose of Tuscan Sunset and parmesan, and are chillin' in the fridge til we're alone again on monday and will try the Polenta Fries recipe i found on AllRecipes.

Enjoying working with what we've got instead of shopping!! My grocery budget bought us an immersion blender & a toaster oven this week :D

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