Sunday, November 22, 2009

i want to try this one!

Green Apple Glory

For sweet creamy goodness.

1 ripe banana
1 large apple cored
1/2 medium ripe avocado
1 cup packed spinach
1 cup packed romaine (about 3 large leaves)
~ 1 pint of water

i'll have to use frozen spinach, 2 small apples, and substitute borage for the romaine, but should still be good...

Green Smoothie!!

Here's the yummiest one i've put together so far:

1/2 c @ milk, frozen mixed berries, and strong-flavored juice -- i used northland pomegranate blueberry
1T flax meal
1c greens -- i used parsley and swiss chard
2T Ningxia Red
1 scoop Balance Complete
2 t ICP

it wanted bananas!!! next time, i will add half a banana.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Started the cleanse today!

At the last big Young Living meeting, we learned a lot about cleansing w/ YL products. My friend Nikki and I left inspired! She ordered the cleansing trio right away. i was a little later and already had 2 of the 3; my ICP arrived yesterday! Just in time, because DD and i have been overweight, under the weather and low-energy, and i decided a cleanse was just the thing for both of us.

you need to know, i tried this cleanse years ago. I still have an old jar of ICP, which must be an acronym for "disgusting nasty torture", rotting away in my cabinet. but -- Alhamdulillah!!! Nikki came up with a way to get it down. She makes it into a smoothie with other strongly-flavored ingredients. Following her lead, i used Ningxia Red, blueberry-pomegranate juice, frozen berries, Balance Complete (another YL supplement), and a little greek yogurt because that's what i had. Turned out great! Even DD drank it right down. A little sweet for my morning palate, but it's great to feel like i'm on the way to feeling better! I cannot imagine doing this for 4 months, but i'll just keep at it one day at a time...

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Wk of Nov 8

Looking at the blogs, i'm reminded to pull it together for the week. Here's this week's plan from month of Nov, and carry-over ideas from last wk:

chili (Mon)
broiled cheese, top w/ leftover or canned chili & tomato slice: homemade bagel bites?
fast food coupons (Thurs since getting tooth pulled)
cajun chicken fingers/ oven-fried chicken strips
gyros burgers **update: pre-made these to have manwich-style! cooked up all the ground turkey, onions, garlic, and seasonings. drained; froze. will re-heat & stir in greek yogurt, grated cukes, feta and/or tomatoes if i have 'em, and stuff into mini-pitas.
baked potato bar
spaghetti (homemade marinara in frzr)
Weds had sick kid: homemade chicken noodle soup for bkfst & lunch. canned for dinner LOL

i do have a ton of ground turkey in the fridge, so will make gyro burgers and chili. someday. can't we just live on popcorn and ice cream?? **update: did the turkey before it spoiled! yay me!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

November Meals

I'm going thru old meal plans and pulling stuff that was easy and popular. Would like to get a whole month's worth of ideas. Have LOTS of chicken in the freezer; some could be cooked up ahead, with pesto or salsa, then frozen for easy use (like chi-chi's).

When Bisquick Heart Smart goes on sale, check here for recipe ideas!


chicken pesto quesadillas
homemade chicken noodle soup
cheesy grits
grits fries
hard-boiled eggs
cobb salads
layered taco dip
basil-spinach quesadillas
tuna w/ pickles & crackers
frozen pizza (11/3)
(smoothies but brrr!)


burgers & fries -- monday
salmon alfredo w/ WW shells -- tuesday
roasted tomato soup w/ grilled or broiled cheese or skillet bread -- thursday
baked potato bar
fast food coupons -- thurs & fri
firecracker pork

game plan for above week:
  • wash dishes.
  • start pumpkin seeds roasting.
  • thaw soup base, american cheese, chicken, pork.
  • cook italian sausage.

broiled cheese, top w/ leftover or canned chili & tomato slice: homemade bagel bites?
fast food coupons
cajun chicken fingers/ oven-fried chicken strips
gyros burgers
bourbon glazed pork

sausage-greenbean-potato bake
dinner in a skillet
fast food coupons
taco bar
rotisserie chicken w/ tater tots, broc & ranch
Thanksgiving at Linda's

fast food coupons
soup & sandwich (grilled/broiled)
pasta fagioli
salmon alfredo
Thanksgiving Dinner
meatloaf & crashed potatoes

to get from sam's:
ground turkey
rotisserie chicken

to get from aldi's:
red potatoes

from kroger:
shredded 2% cheese
chips before thursday
loaf pans