Sunday, November 8, 2009

Wk of Nov 8

Looking at the blogs, i'm reminded to pull it together for the week. Here's this week's plan from month of Nov, and carry-over ideas from last wk:

chili (Mon)
broiled cheese, top w/ leftover or canned chili & tomato slice: homemade bagel bites?
fast food coupons (Thurs since getting tooth pulled)
cajun chicken fingers/ oven-fried chicken strips
gyros burgers **update: pre-made these to have manwich-style! cooked up all the ground turkey, onions, garlic, and seasonings. drained; froze. will re-heat & stir in greek yogurt, grated cukes, feta and/or tomatoes if i have 'em, and stuff into mini-pitas.
baked potato bar
spaghetti (homemade marinara in frzr)
Weds had sick kid: homemade chicken noodle soup for bkfst & lunch. canned for dinner LOL

i do have a ton of ground turkey in the fridge, so will make gyro burgers and chili. someday. can't we just live on popcorn and ice cream?? **update: did the turkey before it spoiled! yay me!

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