Thursday, October 22, 2009

Our cup overflows!

WOW - i don't know how this happened, but suddenly my fridge and windowsills are overflowing with food!! I worked hard to use up some of it:

Made Hoppin' John for dinner, 3 for the freezer and took the rest to Chris.
Lunch was stir-fry with end of the kale, leftover chicken & rice, and a few green beans.
Put 2 Spaghetti Pies in the freezer.
Tossing the pumpkin guts into the compost -- it's leaking & couldn't get to it in time.
Took swaddled jalapeno peppers to Tammy's for movie night

and here's what's left to do:
Jambalaya w/ leftover chicken & smoked sausage, fresh tomatoes & peppers
ham, green beans, & leftover baked potato if it's still good (it's maybe not...)
baked potato bar

I made black-eyed pea Casserole hoppin' john style, in the rice cooker. Next time i'll try it just like the recipe, or with canned beans, because the beans were barely cooked. also i added rice because it didn't look like enough, but it ended up too much, so i need to follow the recipe in my cookbook, using 1c rice instead of the instant, and 2 c spinach maybe wasn't enough. And adding green pepper and/or celery would have been great, so maybe 2c mirepoix instead of 1c onions.

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