Monday, June 1, 2009

Climbing Back onto the Wagon

School's out, May's gone, DH is going back to work, and i'd rather be working in the yard -- than anything! What i've learned: if i don't plan meals, my kids (who were actually raised by wolves) will heat up the house with taquitos and frozen pizzas, and i'll live on chips & salsa. And we really need those leftovers for DH to take in the truck!

Both freezers are packed -- i don't even remember what's in them! Guess i'll be doing an inventory, defrosting & organizing sometime soon.

I remember that we have smoked sausage!! And the rice cooker is my favorite summertime kitchen tool.

Monday: Bacon & Eggs for bkfst, jambalaya for lunch? ugh i can't do this rightnow!

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