Tuesday, May 12, 2009

funny meals today

i haven't been doing a good job of keeping track, but i had to document this day in case CPS ever offers to take the kids off my hands -- this will help them.

mom stayed in bed finishing a novel til 11:30am.

8yo dd made egg sandwiches for self & friend for brunch.
son had brownies.

they all ate brownies for lunch.

brownies for snack. unfortunately, this behavior was strongly encouraged -- urged, even -- by the irresponsible parent who spent hours forcing the irrepressible yard into submission. said parent disliked consistency of confections and was therefore determined to be rid of them as quickly as possible.

5pm: salad for late, late lunch, or early dinner, as it turned out. even the 8yo visitor ate the greenness -- it was a wonderful surprise!

9pm: the kids declined a meal and proceeded to scarf down TWO POUNDS of grape tomatoes. the overworked, exhausted, sunburned parent heated up the filling that was intended for taquitos, added a ton of cheese and ate it with tostitos. Overpriced tostitos from sam's: $2.94 for one 16-oz bag of chips, when kroger brand 10-oz goes on sale for $1 or even .88 regularly!! people think they're getting a good deal because it's a "wholesale club" and don't even compare prices.

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