Saturday, May 9, 2009

Sending w/ the trucker

I spent today in the kitchen -- exhausted now!!

We had roast for dinner; i made 2 tins for the freezer. For veggies, i added the last of the garden's snow peas to one, and an italian veggie mix to the other.

Leftover tamale pie from last week and rice from last night: layered into tins with enchilada sauce & extra cheese. made 3 tins.

Made 3 pans of brownies: 2 for a family gathering tomorrow, and one to send w/ him.

Boiled a dozen eggs (and drew smiley-faces on each of them :D)

Made a batch of rice. Most went into the fridge for fried rice, but we sent a tin to pour smoked oysters over. He likes that. ??

Made a double batch of hummus -- one for here & one to go. Not perfect, but better than last time! Maybe i'll do a black bean dip next time.

2# strawberries, 4# bag baby carrots, cut-up cukes, and a Hearty Italian bagged salad.

Lunchmeat, cheese, & bread in the freezer.

Made a 3L bottle of chai tea.

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