Monday, April 27, 2009

Menu Planning Monday: 2-week, stockpile edition

MON: frozen stuff for lunch; don't remember dinner.
TUES: salad for lunch. smoked sausages, pineapple rings.
WEDS: spaghetti pie for lunch. slow-cooked tamale pie with homemade taco seasoning.
THURS: (will need portable lunch & dinner) we did it! salads & corn on the cob for lunch; took calzones, pringles stix, canned fruit, and bananas. pot roast w/ giant potatoes for dinner.
FRI: veg soup for lunch? take snacks; dinner at nikki's!
SAT: shrimp before IBC; dinner w/the monks
SUN: cereal? made veg soup!
MON: cereal. soup. frz pizza. smoothies with the new smoothie maker!
TUES: salads.

OK i think the rest of this menu is more about what we have and need to use up! veggie soup. 10# of chicken leg qtrs to bake, pick, and make more broth: the meat is for taquitos etc. Another roast for when bo's home. Giant baking potatoes. Lots of lettuce for salads. Ground meat for tacos/burritos/manwich. Tamale pie leftovers will be an easy re-heat. Bananas for freezer = smoothies.


Ravioli Lasagna

Homemade Pizza

Layered Taco dip

Orange-Apricot Pork Chops

Maple Honey Mustard Pork Chops

Hammy Cheese

Mandarin Orange Chicken Roll-Ups

Broccoli Ham & Cheese pockets

Chicken (or turkey) Enchiladas (freezer instructions here)

Empanadas with pie crust

Taco Ring with crescent rolls


Taquitos (notes compiled from comments: I brushed the tortillas with a Habenero Pepper oil that I had made in the summer and it gave it such a nice heat and crisp when I pulled it out of the oven/ I freeze them and then I just bake at 400 right out of the freezer.)

Cheeseburger Rolls w/ pizza dough?

Reuben Loaf Mini Pot Pies only i wouldn't use that filling/ yuck!


Sausage Beans & Rice


hot sauce, mustard, miracle whip
chicken broth
blue cheese
chicken breast
boneless thick pork chops
diced ham
a whole turkey
shrimp, tail-on cocktail & breaded
smoked grillers
jarred pasta sauces
chili, canned & frozen
stuff for hummus
canned oranges & pineapple
pie crusts, crescent rolls, pizza dough


plain yogurt
red pepper (just need 1 cup)
black beans
tortillas (corn & flour)
black olives
low-salt taco seasoning (there's a recipe i can modify here)
have a kroger raincheck for a turkey

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