Sunday, January 3, 2010

Raw is FUN!

...and expensive!! Since writing last, i've blown up my smoothie-maker and bought two more. Why two? Because DH has decided to go green too!! He was inspired by a video of Dave, the Raw Food Trucker yesterday -- and perhaps persuaded by the Creole Gumbo i made for dinner tonight ;) Or maybe it was the Pad Thai Salad i'm sending for lunch tomorrow! He did like the fudgy raw cookies he helped DD make from Juliano's RAW cookbook yesterday, and he's been making green smoothies for lunch all weekend :D

So we bought him a new, 4.3 cu ft fridge for his truck, shopped together for produce yesterday, and spent a cozy two evenings peeling, chopping, and blending. He's leaving with a 6-pk of romaine, 1lb of spinach, collards, cilantro, parsley, cucumber, jicama salad, cut-up pineapple, beets, celery, carrots, pad thai salad, gumbo over rice, veg chili mac (the last two are not for raw! LOL), half a dozen avocados, a case of clementines, and 2 baby thai coconuts! We have about the same stuff in my fridge.

I'll be making Candied Oranges from the last of the batch of florida oranges daddy sent. Peeled them yesterday & am giving the urchins a last chance at them :)

My friend R says i should write about the dental panic attack i had tonight -- it'll have to wait, cuz i'm beat! I also took a picture of dinner (funny!)

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  1. Please share how the oranges turned out. I checked out the recipe and they look yummy!