Sunday, February 7, 2010

High Cal for DS

He's not objecting to lack of meat as much as lack of calories. That's fair -- he's already skinny enough! I've been receiving suggestions from raw friends and thought i'd compile them here.

Spiced Nuts -- honey cinnamon pecans are the favorite so far.
Nut-based cookies & desserts (like pecan sandies!)
Fruit smoothies w/ coconut oil, protein powder & nuts for extra cals
Sweet potato chips: salt & vinegar? northwoods fire & olive oil?
Sour cream & onion chips w/daikon

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  1. My teen boys are the same...skinny. I keep the house stocked with dried fruit, nuts, pumpkin and sunflower seeds, coconut oil (to put in their smoothies), olives, and avocados. It at least helps them maintain their weight.

    Thanks for entering my contest for the GlassDharma straws! =)

    Looking forward to hearing how things go for you during the initiative too! =)