Thursday, August 6, 2009

Easy Week so far

Homemade chicken noodle soup from the crockpot broth. I have to say that broth was excellent! Will put some more in today.

The baked polenta fries were AMAZING!! YUM we WILL be doing that again!!

My hummus was too lemony after a few bites, so next time i'll thin with water or extra yogurt or the liquid from the can (if i don't use homemade).

Extra kids yesterday! The Mexican Buffet worked nicely for lunch -- made a mex-flavored bean/meat mix & set out fixings for taco salad and/or burritos. Dinner was full-fridge u-pick, plus sliced veggies. Most had spaghetti, one had mexican, i had hummus w/ cukes & pita, then the last of the spaghetti really late after that wore off :) Finished the watermelon for bkfst.

Completely out of shredded cheese, so grated up a lb from the freezer chunks.

Of course i realize this is all very hum-drum and not exciting to anyone but me. The exciting part is that we're actually eating the leftovers!! and i'm not cooking a fresh meal every time, and the kids don't even mind, and i haven't done any real grocery shopping for a month or more!

We'll probably have gyro burgers for lunch today, then it's just me & soph, so we'll just forage from the fridge.

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