Wednesday, February 11, 2009

after the turkey

well i spent the past 2 days detoxing from caffeine. yay!! the agony has passed and i'm a free woman!!!

last night we had BFS (big fat salad) for dinner,
tomatoes on sale from marsh,
diced turkey, shredded cheese,
homemade croutons which my kids won't eat but their friends like. sigh.

i had leftover thai. yum!

today i think i'm gonna make broth?
it will require washing a big pot, but i think i can muster the strength.

i also think i'm gonna make cheesy mashed potatoes for lunch. big lunch & simpler dinner is working well, although the kids are having a bit of a learning curve. thank goodness they both approve of triscuit melts; that's a great simple supper.

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