Friday, February 27, 2009

menu planning thurs..friday

Clean Out The Fridge Friday! leftover manwich for lunch, pizza rolls for babysat kid. pretty sure i came home & ate something but who knows what?

sat: hmmm it was just me & the girl.. she ate a cupful of raw broccoli then we had gingerbread cookies & milk ;)

sun: yeah, we ate out. la hacienda. leftovers to take to co-op for lunch too! thanks mark.

meatless mon: for breakfast we had jelly biscuits, which were really good but shelley you didn't warn me that they'd look like a biological disorder!!!!

for dinner, sophie had her book-it pizza of course! i had teriyaki noodles with sauteed mushrooms & asparagus (and packed up the leftovers for bo to take in the truck). YUM!! brady came home & had corn pops. *sigh.*

tues: we're going to have Rotisserie-Style Chicken in the (new 7-qt oval) Crockpot! maybe with sweet potato fries! Yummie!!

weds we can have tex mex chicken & beans with the leftover chicken and the 17 jars of salsa in the fridge. we'll be gone a lot of the day and brady'll come in late, so it'll be good to have something in the crock pot.

thurs something w/ chicken broth? running out of ideas... what i'd really like is a box of samoas...

rice cooker mac & cheese

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