Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Meal Plan Thursday *wk of 2/12, editing as i go

the goal this week is to spend the least $$ possible.
unfortunately i can't think without ground turkey in the house,
so my main shopping will be at sam's.
otherwise, my rule is to use what we have.

Thursday: bkfst was leftover blueberry bread -- free :)
first lunch: quesadillas
second lunch: taco bell $18 can you believe i let them talk me into this??!!
dinner: veggies & hummus from sam's. a little more than half, so about $8

**MAYBE this time i'll just go with a list of options & considerations, since scheduling it out just gives me something else to change***

Friday $6.90
forage for bkfst & lunch. pizza rolls. .60. cukes, tomatoes, hummus for snack. $5?
Buffalo Turkey Sandwiches for dinner *yum!*
*leftover turkey so cost figured into last week; free frank's redhot, free buns, water; miracle whip & ranch dressing negligible, blue cheese free from dad. delicious, and even better with triscuits instead of buns! .80 cookies and .50 milk if we drink about a quart.

Saturday: david made egg sandwiches for bkfst!
*get boy to movie non-date at 2pm. soph was gone too.

Sunday: CNS & egg mcmuffins for bkfst. clam chowder lunch .75. turkey noodles dinner.

Monday: co-op; choir; no brownies.
day from hell. pizza rolls for lunch; leftovers for first dinner; snack & gs cookies for 2nd dinner.

Tuesday: gymnastics at 6. i'll cook 2.5# ground turkey, make manwich for lunch & freeze the rest.

Wednesday: oh man. we were gone from 10am til 10;30 pm! we spent $8 at mcdonald's for bkfst and $15 at pendleton (instead of the usual $20, so that's good). and then i totally redeemed thursday's taco bell debacle, because we came home and had homemade cheeseburgers!! before continuing on our merry way. then i went & pwn'd marsh, cvs, and meijer.

bo will be home this wknd; i'll make meatloaf & crashed potatoes for him one night, and sweet potato fries the other! yum!!! we'll have burritos for lunch tomorrow, and i'll plan next week's meals as soon as i see the ads.

meatloaf 2#
baked potatoes
crashed potatoes? i wonder if i could do these with idaho or sweet? hmmmm
Rogan Josh sweet potato fries ohh i can't wait to make these!

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