Thursday, February 5, 2009

meal plan thursday -- editing as i go

ohh someone send me strength, i'm really bad at this
but i truly desire to spend much less time thinking about food and meals
so i'm just going to slap something down.
right now.

thursday: we actually had unplanned burritos, which is a quick throw-together we love that i need to remember.

friday: mexican meatloaf (3.50) for lunch. free ground turkey (thanks tammy!), 2 eggs .15, 1/2 bag cheese .75, bag crushed chips $2, little bit of frozen 3 pepper/onion mix .25, 1/4 bottle bbq sauce .35. yuck do not try this at home!!!

**today i decided to have our larger, planned meal for lunchtime rather than hectic, catch-as-catch-can dinnertime. dinners can be lighter, random and easy.

friday evening: chili dinner at tammy's! i bought popcorn during the movie, only to get a refund because there was not one (i assumed the first was mine) but two hairs in it. ick.

saturday: thai food! $110, completely out of the water, totally worth it.
we let the kids order whatever they wanted -- we had purple ice cream!! yum. very nice.

sunday: roast turkey dinner. Did you know you can cook a turkey from frozen??? this is one of the turkeys i got for like $4 over thanksgiving. plus $1.98 for potatoes, FREE no-salt green beans and $1 cream soup. that's $7 AND all meals from the leftovers will count as FREE!! stick THAT in your pipe and smoke it, all you "dinner for $10" websites that act like it's such a big deal!! actually $7.80 if you count the brownies :)


monday: bbq meatballs $3.70 and pizza rolls 1.80 for co-op, triscuit melts ($1?)for first-dinner, i don't remember second-dinner. $6.50

tuesday: ravioli ($2?) bake ($1.00 cheese) w/ spinach (.25?) snuck into the ($1) sauce $3.75. BFS for dinner, with tomatoes .70 and diced turkey. $5

wednesday: company for breakfast! blueberry bread .80, turkey sausage $2.85 = $3.65.
stroganoff meatballs on leftover mashed potatoes? wierd, huh. .90 for meatballs, $1 for cream soup, leftover sour cream & canned milk. already priced potatoes w/ turkey. dinner was 1 can CNS .75 & some triscuit melts ($1?). $7.30 for the day.

THERE!!!! I DID IT!!!!! and the only thing i need to add to my shopping list is canned cream soups. i can make the cream of chicken for the hash brown casserole, but nothing else works for green bean casserole IMO.

that was roughly $30.10 for the week, not counting dinner out and whatever we grazed on like free chex mix, free quakes, granola bars & triscuits. i didn't stick to the original plan, but loved just having a few ideas to pick from. especially since i spent most of this week in agony on the sofa!


  1. You must post the shepard's pie recipie.

  2. ohhhh wow, i'll have to find it again... i think it's on your year-of-crockpot link. i really do question the added cup of water and think i may substitute a can of cream soup or leftover gravy if there is any.

    i'm also gonna make one in a foil loaf pan & freeze, for bo to cook in the truck. he has an awesome plug-in oven that uses those pans, so that's where all our leftovers go. saves money while he's on the road, and he gets healthier meals too.

  3. here ya go, i love her site!