Sunday, March 15, 2009

How's it going

well i haven't done much here lately.

guess i feel like i got a good idea of how much money we eat --
the cost of a cheap meal vs. a junk-food meal,
a careful day vs. a typical day vs. a who-cares day,
a frugal week vs. a too-busy unplanned week.

lately it's been catch-as-catch-can around here;
i've been on "light duty" which means things the kids can't do,
ie chauffeuring and shopping, planting seeds.
they've been "handling meals"
(in other words, living on chicken noodle soup,
pizza rolls and frozen pizzas!)

i'll be thinking about how to continue w/ this project,
or if it's one too many things for me to think about.

it may turn into pricing during meal planning?
or.. something i haven't seen and don't know how to phrase for search engines:
sending a truck driver out with two weeks' worth of
interesting, healthy & frugal food.

With couponing, we've fallen into terrible nutrition!
I love the possibility of cheaper produce at the mexican groceries,
and i have access to a bulk-bin store on wednesdays.
While i'm planning on stocking up with frozen junk (taquitos, pizza etc.)
i do think i'm going to make a rule
for myself and the kids
that it's only allowed with company (kids)
or on nights that i'd order pizza even if it cost $100!
(you know the kind.)
We just need to return to healthier eating habits.

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