Monday, March 23, 2009

Something new -- a 2-week meal plan

Our bills just got tighter due to finding some "affordable" health insurance, and our paychecks are tending toward a cycle of smaller one week and larger the next. so i think i can compensate by planning 2 weeks out pretty well and doing most of the shopping during the bigger week, then keeping the shorter week's purchases to just stellar-sale items. i've been spending about $75/week; i could shoot for $100 and $50, but what if i could do $75 and $50 or even less?

MON (one kid sick at home all day, one gone all day): noodles w/ homemade turkey broth for breakfast, chicken-pesto quesadilla for lunch, power smoothie (oatmeal!) for snack, fish baskets for supper. very odd.. probably won't make again. maybe the grands were too big tho?

TUES (gymnastics): manwich for lunch; if i go to sam's maybe rotisserie chicken w/ salad for dinner eh?

meatless WED (play practice then choir): Spicy Chipotle Hummus with wheat thins & veggies for lunch; Pasta Fagioli with tortellini (in crockpot) and for freezer; garlic bread

THURS (piano): hard-boiled eggs for bkfst; cheesy grits for lunch; bars, wheat thins & hummus for snack; took salad & canteloupe to dinner at tammy's.

FRI (play practice, doctor appt, entricans spending night): egg salad sandwiches for lunch; spaghetti for dinner; spaghetti pie for freezer.

SAT (1:00 IBC then client): Biscuits & gravy for brunch; just me for lunch = free arby's; dinner with parents

SUN (6 daytime kids; max spending night): pizza rolls for lunch, TAKE FOOD TO CHURCH PITCH-IN, had tammy's cheese dip for dinner.

MON (co-op, need kid-friendly lunch for 4, prayers @IBC): biscuits & gravy, pizza for lunch, cobb salads for dinner YUM!

TUES (no gu): movie popcorn and soup at tammy's! thanks again :)

WEDS (play practice then choir): Poor Man's Meal for lunch; monkey foccacias for snack; kroger fried chicken for dinner :(

THURS (piano): leftover fried chicken for bkfst, salad for lunch (me only), chili for dinner (again, me only).

FRI (play practice): homemade pizza? pasta meatball soup? layered taco dip?

SAT (trade show; kids at mom & dad's?): breakfast pizza?

SUN: lasagna raviolis? chicken & rice?

we have chicken breast,
diced ham,
a whole turkey,
pie crusts
crescent rolls
tortellini soup
layered taco dip with homemade refried beans (or this quicker beans recipe).
spaghetti pie
bourbon-glazed pork w/ sweet potatoes
baked potato bar
smoked grillers
LOTS OF pizza dough
Italian Stuffed Pork Loin using the pesto from the freezer!!

grocery list:

black olives
salt-free taco seasoning
(there's a recipe i can modify here)
sun-dried tomatoes
graham crackers
lighter fluid

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