Sunday, March 15, 2009

menu plan sunday? updating thru the week. Salmon Alfredo, fast food coupons, bourbon-glazed pork, bkfst for dinner.

well it's time to get un-lazy, at least a little bit.

need to plan some meals & have leftovers to pack for dh.

what do i have to work with?......
a whole turkey in the freezer.
beef meatballs
raviolis: beef, mushroom; cheese for cheater lasagna
cheese tortellini for soup

need frozen veggies (mixed, mirepoix, broccoli, onions, spinach).
also need lettuce & soy sauce; totally out of ketchup.

OK that sounds good..

chili definitely. we'll have that on monday, 'cause it'll be good in the crockpot. not saving any for dh because there's already some in freezer.

Tuesday (gymnastics): we have alfredo sauce: cheesy pasta alfredo w/salmon
**i made a whole box of macaroni for the chili,
just so i'd have pre-cooked pasta for this!
this'll be scary-easy!
update: it WAS scary-easy! yummy too, and i packed some for bo with frozen snow peas from last year's garden & orange pepper on top. we had smoothies for second-lunch and free arby's after gymnastics.

Wednesday (choir): taco salad with the leftover chili.
Free Arby's Roastburgers after choir! and that's exactly what we did. "free" really means $4.87 after you buy 3 small drinks. cool news: the manager at arby's said he was in a meeting today where he heard they're going to continue resetting the coupons thru april 7th!

Thursday (piano, then interviews): taco pie with crescent rolls and ground turkey. (again, we can use leftover chili maybe)

Friday (just the girls): arby's coupons? fazoli's coupons?

oh we also have lots of frozen pizza crust and crescent rolls.
i put a pizza crust in the fridge to thaw; we'll see if it turns out usable.

boubon-glazed pork, baked sweet potato? asparagus?

biscuits, gravy & scrambled eggs for dinner.

if all else fails i can make campfire stew, manwich, or cook that turkey.

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