Sunday, March 15, 2009

Here's What I'm Sending With DH

  • some yogurts from the freezer (we found that yoplait freezes well but dannon does NOT --he's graciously helping me use up the funky-thawing ones and i'm using them in smoothies too; the kids can't tell that way.)
  • a tin of curried rice; i think he'll put tuna or sardines over it.
  • a homemade lasagna
  • a plater of food from a family dinner that he missed
  • a Thai Kitchen soup that was on clearance.
he still has some things in his freezer, because he wasn't expecting to be home this wknd. if he wants one more meal, it'll be really easy to make up a thing of ravioli for him too -- i use frozen ravioli, jarred sauce, and add frozen veggies. he also has cans of turkey stew, beans, soup, etc.

when i actually cook while he's gone, i go ahead & fix for 4 or more, and put the leftovers into loaf pans & freeze. He has a nifty little oven made for truckers, that uses foil loaf pans. so those are part of my grocery bill, but it sure is a handy way to get him some homemade meals and avoid food spoilage! plus he likes when i toss frozen veggies in for him, so i get to feel like i'm helping *some*one be healthy!

the freezer is empty of meals for him, so i need to pull it together! i'll (try to) come up with a menu plan tonight.

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