Saturday, March 21, 2009

firecracker pork, basil-spinach quesadillas, spaghetti, nachos

i think it's time for a new one.

SUN: dead meat -- uh, bourbon-glazed pork -- w/ sweet potatoes
after a 4-mile walk, we came home & had the firecracker pork ($1.77) with frozen veggies ($1) and white rice (.50?) and MAN was it good!! tasted like real chinese! my nose is running and sophie couldn't really eat it.. next time i'll leave out most of the red pepper to be added individually instead, but this recipe is a keeper! i added a few shakes of sesame oil, and i'd use just about a tablespoon less balsamic vinager next time. $3.27 plus costs of spices in marinade; too full for fruit.
took care of tuesday's pasta at lunch, with cheesy ragu & black pepper.
and i cleaned out the fridge to reclaim my gladware -- yay me!!!!

MON (brownies/choir): manwich w/ canned green beans
sophie's sick so we'll be home for lunch. will try basil-spinach quesadillas! since i happen to have homemade pesto in the freezer :) and/or maybe a light soup with the turkey broth i made yesterday. the quesadillas were delicious!

TUES (gymnastics): need to do something with the refrigerated pasta... fish sticks w/ mac & cheese, i guess? nope the pasta's gone.. maybe nachos..
fish baskets! i'll try these! well these are so intriguing that i'll have to make them for tuesday's lunch!! maybe salad for dinner eh?

WED (choir): tortellini soup (in crockpot?); garlic bread

THURS (piano): spaghetti. i have 3 yucky cottage cheeses in the fridge that say Spaghetti Pie. either way i need eggs. or i could make a layered taco dip taco dip by blending the cottage cheese with a brick of cream cheese and taco sauce, then veggies on top. but then i'd need black olives ;)

we have chicken breast, smished pork loin to roll something up in, a whole turkey, meatballs, ravioli. and want to try pasta meatball soup

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