Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Inspiring Website! OnceAMonthMom.com

I just found OnceAMonthMom.com thru her guest post at $5 Dinner Mom. Very inspirational! what i love about these ladies is that they have planned their menu around the items that are typically on sale for the month -- and THEY POST THEIR MENUS, SHOPPING LISTS AND RECIPES! People pay money for that service, and they're doing it all for free!! Plus they do it in a budget-conscious way.

I tried OAMC for a minute and didn't care to continue, but their site has loads of gems even for people like me! The recipes they've found tend to have few ingredients, which means easy and inexpensive. Especially the ones this month are very interesting -- not your typical chili and tortilla casserole fare. And since they give the links to the sites with the recipes, you can read feedback from lots of people who've tried the recipes, how they tweaked them and what they'd do differently next time.

I was inspired to toss some chunked (not cubed!!) meat into zippy bags with homemade marinades -- one from a tried-and-true recipe in my binder, and one from their menu. now i can't wait for shrimp to go on a killer sale so i can try the buffalo shrimp recipe!!

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