Friday, January 30, 2009

friday 1/30 meals

for the mom -- 2 lattes .06
for the girl -- can of cns .50
for the boy -- 3 south beach bars & chex mix FREE

lunch $2.40
lentil rice soup. 2 cans of chicken broth that have been in the pantry so long they shouldn't even count, but can't imagine they cost more than .50 each
1 cup brown rice & 1 cup brown lentils, haven't priced those out yet. $1 seems high but will give me something to work with.
about 1/4 of a $1 bag of diced carrots-onions-celery, so .25
and extra celery, the whole thing cost $1 and i maybe used.. oh an 8th? so .15?
and some spices.

kid company for dinner; we'll have pizza rolls & tomato soup.

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