Saturday, January 17, 2009

Today's (1/17/09) Meals: $6.99

(midnight snack was $1 blueberries & free chex mix)

bkfst: .42
.06 hazelnut lattes, x2 because dh is home
2 pcs toast & 2 eggs for 1 person, i am not going to figure this out. the loaf of bread was .89, eggs .88. damn i couldn't help it! this is sick and i need help. .15 for toast & same for eggs

snack on the run: free chex mix

late lunch:
crab bisque $1.92
(recipe: leftover fondue, 1 beer .67, $1 imitation crab, some milk, homemade croutons .25)

Fam Nite Par-tay Dinner:
*buffalo dip, maybe $2?
(recipe: free cream cheese, free frank's red hot, 1 can chicken from sam's because we're still waiting for a coupon sale grr!, free blue cheese from my dad, miracle whip that's been in the fridge for so long it surely doesn't count)
* served with Wheatables (cheap but i don't remember.. maybe $1?)
* and 1/3 a nick-of-time celery that was $1
*Select Harvest Chicken Noodle Soup (.49!)
*Betty Crocker Apple Streusel Quick Bread (was it .83?)

$6.99 for the day
(not counting several .67 beers and .38 la croix's.
also not counting the meals my kids ate elsewhere,
which did not come from our grocery budget.)

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