Wednesday, January 14, 2009

yesterday's stockpile menu: $4.18

Daily: 2 Hazelnut Lattes $.06
(4.49 for big red folgers, so .02/cup according to their directions. i'll say .03 since i make military-strength)
(FREE hazelnut coffeemate)
(FREE carnation evaporated milk)

Bkfst: dannon yogurts (.23 ea after sale & q's) $0.69

Lunch: biscuits & gravy $1.60
(pillsbury frozen 1.20/bag, used 1/2 bag so .60)
(tennessee pride .50/box, used 2 boxes so $1)

Dinner: State Fair Casserole $1.83 + leftovers
(leftover chili)
(hebrew nat'l red. fat beef hot dogs $1.50 from the freezer)
(jiffy corn muffin mix .33)
(served with ketchup and FREE french's mustard from last summer)

** this was a pretty high-sodium day; i think i felt my blood pressure rising by evening. but i hadn't grocery-shopped in 2-3 weeks (other than the dannons, which i stalked meijer all week for!) so not too bad from the freezer & pantry.

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