Thursday, January 29, 2009

Thursday: the new meal plan monday

***this is a mish-mash post. i started it last week & edited as i went to reflect what really happened, which didn't actually have anything in common with the plan. jfyi 2/5/09. ***

since our sales change on thursdays, it makes more sense in my life to sit down with the ads, make meal plans & grocery lists on thursday instead of monday. i'd love to get to the point where i actually only think about these things once or twice a week -- maybe that should be a goal for me.

Breakfasts: Go Forage. cereal, granola bars, yogurt.

Lunches: leftovers, salads, quesadillas, sandwiches. Monday's default is soup and we have plenty of it.

Snacks: granola bars, canned oranges, yogurt, string cheese, v-8, crackers, nuts.

Finally Friday! 9 boxes of pizza rolls were consumed in this house friday night: $6.40 including the jar of spaghetti sauce for dipping
a BOX of swiss miss cocoa mix FREE *giggle*
1 medium bag of m&m's and lots of pop, donated by a friend so FREE thanks tammy!!
and 2 batches of popcorn with donated (thanks again tammy! can you tell i was a little unprepared for 9 kids?) butter.

Saturday Dad's Home: roast beast: chicken? turkey? could really use the broth..
well, in reality we went out for dinner with a BOGO zoobook q. $25

Simple Sunday School Night: yeah it was simple -- we went out for thai after ven. chukyi's teachings $28 my first time having thai -- YUM!!! we WILL go back!!!

Monday Madness: soup for lunch. thank goodness that's easy!
dinner: theoretically chili over crockpot sweet potatoes, but the potatoes didn't cook. soph had a book-it pizza; i think i had triscuit melts w/ salsa.

Tuesday snowed in again! 3 cans veg soup 2.25, 6 biscuits .60

Weds Meijer & Choir -- snack before: triscuit melts w/ salsa
& supper after: ucky mcdonald's $9.

still to pull from pantry: fried polenta? grits? we have lots of frozen biscuits, ravioli, turkey sausage, eggs, haven't had rice in a long time, stuff for mexican meatloaf, turkey chili, meatballs.

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