Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Using my stockpile.. updated

check this out! we don't have a microwave, but i just think this is cool:
you can make your own low-fat microwave popcorn at home, using a brown paper bag!!

hmmm here's a page with recipes for all those free rice cakes, although IMO the kettle corn quakes leave little to be desired!

for my 37 bottles of italian dressing and free pepperoni: pasta salad!

frank's red hot recipes

triscuit recipes

mandarin orange recipes

ro-tel recipe search

ways to serve meatballs including stroganoff, catalina or sweet-and-sour over rice, and of course meatball sandwiches. other sites suggest in an italian soup or in a brown gravy over mashed potatoes. and here's a unique appetizer recipe that uses sauerkraut.
meatball hashbrown bake from one of my fave sites.

from my prevention freezer cookbook:
p. 168 crusty tamale-bean pie (sub canned chili)

from my recipe binder:
pasta fagioli using either meatballs or the chunked italian sausage in the freezer
slow cooker lentil rice soup
low fat mac & cheese
cajun chicken fingers, with fruit
bourbon glazed chicken or pork
mexican meatloaf
dinner in a skillet
beef stew

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