Thursday, January 29, 2009

gonna try meal planning again **updated

**yeah, so i can use my time to plan, to look up new exciting recipes, to create... just to be the only one who'll eat it. SIGH.

***HEY! check out this fab resource!! google docs?? who woulda thought??

just because i'm supposed to be doing something else instead...

Breakfasts: Go Forage. cereal, granola bars, yogurt.

Lunches: leftovers, salads, quesadillas, sandwiches. Monday's default is soup and we have plenty of it.

Snacks: granola bars, canned oranges, yogurt, string cheese, v-8, crackers, nuts.

Saturday Sleepover: Pizza rolls & salad. soak beans for soup.

Sunday School Night: ham & bean soup w/ skillet bread!

Monday Madness: Soph's Book-It pizza, taco bell for me. Kroger during brownies.
Need supper after: meatball sandwiches!

Tuesday Gym w/ groceries -- need a snack before & supper after: broccoli-mac-cheese

Weds Katie, Choir, then Meijer -- need a snack before & supper after: campfire stew in crockpot.
Thurs Piano: manwich

Finally Friday! Do i have the springers? better plan pizza rolls... tom soup... biscuits & gravy for saturday bkfst (how much gravy do we have left? crockpot casserole instead?)

still to pull from pantry:
something w/ cooked sausage.. fried polenta? grits?
we have lots of frozen biscuits, ravioli, turkey sausage, eggs,
haven't had rice in a long time,
stuff for mexican meatloaf,
turkey chili

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