Sunday, January 25, 2009

the lost wknd... $12.50

well i was home by myself mostly.

1 bag free chex mix
1 can clam chowder .50
and some cheese .50
long john silver's (bad!!) $6
4 pumpkin spice lattes .12
cuppa free chai
1 yogurt w/ wolfberries & almonds .35?
1 string cheese .12
1 v8 .25
1 serving wheatables .21
ham & bean soup $2?
easy skillet bread .25 for the butter..
** this is a great idea and i'll do it again, but it needs more salt or some sort of seasoning, and plan on at least 30 minutes for a full batch. actually, the middle was really very weird; i'll only make half-batches from now on, because i think thinner would be better. smells wonderful while baking!! i could hardly wait for it to get done.
1/2 box ice cream (kids! i swear!) $1
2 box pizza rolls $1.20

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